Greece made the “Greek-Pomak” propaganda a state discourse. In the report accepted in the Parliament, the Turkish minority was ignored once again.

Minorities were divided into three as “Turkish origin, Pomak and Roman”. It was noteworthy that the word “Turkish” was not used alone.

The assimilation policy of Greece against the Western Thrace Turks was once again revealed with the Thrace Development Commission Report.

The report, which was accepted by the Greek Parliament with the votes of the ruling New Democracy Party, drew great reaction from many quarters.

The report, which deliberately concealed the facts, claimed that the Athens administration complied with the Treaty of Lausanne and the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

They divided the minorities into 3 groups. The European Council’s warning to Greece was ignored because it did not comply with the resolutions.

Turkish minority again ignored in Greek report

The Turkish minority was never wanted in Greece

While the minorities living in Western Thrace were divided into three groups under the name of “people of Turkish origin, Pomak and Romani”, the use of the word “Turk” alone was especially avoided.

Pomaks, on the other hand, were given special importance, the materials were turned into propaganda material. In the section describing the cultural characteristics of the region, it is claimed that Xanthi city stands out with its Pomak villages.

It is underlined that Pomak and Romani songs should be recorded. The report was described as “disingenuous”. Another noteworthy phrase in the report was “People of Turkish origin go to Turkey for special education” while describing the internal and external migration in the region.

“The Western Thrace Turkish Minority Advisory Board evaluated the report as “insincere”. Xanthi Turkish Union President Ozan Ahmetoğlu said, “The report is proof that denying Turkish national culture has become Athens’ state policy.” said.

EU member states have not been silent for years in the face of these violations.

The Turkish minority, which is disturbed by the double standards of EU countries, wants Athens’ violations to end. Message of “pressure on Greece” Xanthi Turkish Union President Ozan Ahmetoğlu said, “We expect the international platform, EU countries, Council of Europe countries to intensify their calls and pressures for Greece to fulfill the requirements of international law.

We want results.” made statements. Only the Council of Europe, to which the ECtHR is affiliated, criticizes the rights violations against the Turkish minority.

However, since the criticisms of the Council are not binding, they are inconclusive in terms of Athens’ implementation of the ECHR decisions.