German Interior Ministry sent out invitations to all religious groups in Germany convening them in Berlin on October 16th to discuss the working conditions of foreign religious workers. However, certain words on the invitation made the leaders of the Turkish Muslim community to believe Germany is about to ban Imams coming to Germany to work from Turkey.

“It is absolutely an attempt to ban imams coming to Germany from Turkey. There is no doubt. The meeting is about imams but inviting other religious groups is just a cover,” said a head of a prominent Turkish Muslim NGO who asked not to be named fearing repression from German state.

The invitation sent out by the Interior Ministry says “Religious workers are exemplary characters for the society and important part of integration in Germany so They need to have German language proficiency.” The meeting will take place on October 16th in Berlin and such short notice is also considered by the Muslim community as “an attempt to catch the Muslim community off foot.” The letter attached to invitation also includes vague terms as “public benefit,” when referring to imported religious staff.