A series of secret, never-before-released photos of the original detainees at the US’ prison at Guantanamo Bay detention camp have been published.

The photos, posted by the New York Times Sunday, show scenes of men in shackles, blindfolds and ear protectors as they arrived at the controversial prison facility in 2002.

The Times points out that the only images ever leaked from the prison on the coast of Cuba were put out by WikiLeaks in 2011.

Through a Freedom of Information Act request, we are now seeing some of the first photos of the first prisoners to arrive on site, just a few months after the attacks on September 11, 2001.

The photos were taken to give Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and other leaders in Washington a look at the start of the wartime detention and interrogation.

The detainees are seen not only blindfolded, but some with their hands duct taped together, trying to move around in an attempt to see anything past their blindfolds.

The photographed include David Hicks, an Australian man captured while fighting for the Taliban, as he was led down the ramp of a cargo plane.

The prisoners were given shackles so that the soldiers could move them around more easily. Soldiers at the time noted the prisoners were fairly easy to lift because they may have been malnourished.

One of the photos shows a detainee getting on his knees and maneuvering away from the door to his sell just so a guard could give him his meal, which are shown as everything from oranges to sliced carrots to beans.

Each prisoner was originally issued a military ISO mat that the pisoners used as mattresses and prayer rugs.