Chained illegal immigrants were deported from Chicago’s Gary International Airport in the United States despite a small protest on Friday.

The deportation operation was run with great secrecy, and involved dozens of illegal immigrants captured in Chicago and Milwaukee. A plane belonging to World Atlantic Airlines was used in the process.

The deportation was done in the rear section of the apron, which was reserved for private jets at the airport. The hands and feet of the illegal immigrants, who were brought to the airport by two minibuses with painted windows and accompanied by police, were chained.

The deportation was protested by a small group. The demonstrators chanted “We want justice now,” and “Freedom for immigrants.” They held banners that said “If there is no justice, there is no peace,” and “If immigrants weren’t allowed Trump’s wife wouldn’t be here.”

Airport officials positioned construction equipment between the protestors and the plane in an attempt to stop the deportation process from being seen.