US arrests 30 Mexican immigrants
The United States detained Mexican immigrants who wanted to cross the border. 30 immigrants who wanted to walk to the US border in Mexico were detained.

The sole purpose of Mexican immigrants was to reach the United States to build a better life due to problems such as violence, unemployment and poverty in their country.

Security forces attacked immigrants who wanted to march from the country’s state of Chiapas to the US border. Police detained 30 refugees who responded to the attack. According to the estimates of the National Institute of Migration (INM), there are more than 4,000 people, including women and children, in the migrant caravan.

Haitians, who had to immigrate to the United States due to the economic crisis and natural disasters in their country and were then deported, reacted to the ill-treatment towards them.

Mexican immigrants trying to cross into the US detained

Mexican immigrants told of their persecution

“We had to walk barefoot, we went down slopes, we crossed rivers. It was very, very difficult for us. But thank God I’m here. I ate only one lavash and drank a small bottle of water in three days.”

A Haitian woman speaking to the local media stated that the authorities treated her very badly and said, “They treated Mexican immigrants like thieves.

Haitians are not thieves, they are just people seeking a better life. They did not treat people of other nationalities this way. This is racism.” she used the phrase.

The US government reported that the Haitian migrant camp set up under a bridge connecting Mexico and the Texas town of Del Rio has been completely cleared. Guerline Jozef, director of the Haitian Bridge Association, an association that advocates for immigrant rights, said: “Women are giving birth under the bridge, it’s a terrible situation.

What I witnessed as a mother, a woman, a Haitian, an American, a black woman is unacceptable.” Authorities allow immigrants to be deported citing a public health crisis. The current reason is: coronavirus.

Mexican immigrants deported from the US state of Texas stated that they were treated like animals and treated like criminals. One of these immigrants, Evens Delva, stated that they were gathered “like cattle” and chained as criminals.

Delva’s wife, Maria, said: “We will never forget how we felt.” Mexican immigrants are trying to hold on to life against the persecution of them.