Swedish national broadcaster SVT has warned that immigrating to Scandinavia is not only peace and joy but can lead to serious health problems.

The trademark frigid darkness of the Nordic climate can be dangerous for “dark-skinned” people, especially for women who choose to wear all-covering clothing for religious reasons, national broadcaster SVT informed its viewers.

According to SVT, the Swedish weather may prove particularly difficult to suffer for those hailing from the Middle East and Africa, who adhere to the Islamic code.

The national broadcaster stressed that people with dark skin and women who wear comprehensive clothing develop vitamin D deficiencies quicker than others and thus need extra supplements to cope with the challenges posed by the weather.

SVT interviewed Sahra, a Somali mother of three, who has been living in the Swedish town of Borlänge for 15 years. Sahra explained that she feels chronically sick and has recently been diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency. She said she felt feeble and tired all the time and largely influenced by the “darkness outside” to stay indoors.

“Living in this cold weather is burdensome”, Sahra complained to SVT.

Meanwhile, links between wearing comprehensive Islamic garments like the burqa and the niqab and vitamin D deficiency have been pointed out before, as regular exposure to sunlight is the most natural way of getting enough vitamin D.