A 25-year-old woman, who does not have a residence permit and works illegally, has emerged in the home of Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson. When the security bell of the cleaning company gave a false alarm, the police raided Prime Minister Andersson’s home on December 21, 2021 and encountered a 25-year-old cleaning woman who did not have a residence and work permit. Expressen newspaper reported that the woman started living illegally in the country after her asylum in Sweden was rejected in March 2020. She stated that the female immigrant, who was convicted of theft in a store in September 2020, has been sought by the police since then. Prime Minister Andersson, who reacted very harshly to the cleaning company he received service from after the incident, announced that he had cut all relations with the company in question.

It turned out that the Swedish Prime Minister is employing immigrants in his home
Reactions to the Swedish Prime Minister are growing
Andersson said, “I pay as much attention as I can to ensure that everything is in order when receiving services. However, being deceived by fraudulent companies while trying to get proper service will require us to enact stricter laws to combat fraud.” Evaluating the incident as a “clean door scandal”, Tobias Billström, Deputy Chairman of the Moderate Conservative Party (Moderat) Group, stressed that the Prime Minister’s situation is worrying. Emphasizing that the politicians who run the state find it worrisome that illegal people work in their homes, Billström explained that foreign powers can blackmail the country through them.

Security expert blamed SEPO
Former Swedish Commercial Security Manager Dick Malmlund stated that the incident was scandalous and that the chief responsible was the Swedish Intelligence and Security Service (SEPO). Malmlund stated that the servants to be taken to the house of Prime Minister Andersson, one of the most protected people in the country, should be subject to a security investigation by SEPO, and that SEPO was heavily flawed in the incident. Swedish police raided Andersson’s home in Nacka, outside the capital, Stockholm, where he has been living with his family since 2011, on 21 December. During the raid, it was determined that the Nicaraguan woman, who was working as a housekeeper that day, did not have a residence or work permit. A 25-year-old cleaner from Nicaragua admitted to police that she worked illegally after her deportation order was issued in spring 2020. She also admitted that as a company, they never made any collective bargaining agreements with the labor unions.