Lesbos is a hell for refugees

The persecution of immigrants on Lesbos is increasing. Foreigners in plain clothes first torture the immigrants and then try to send them to Turkey by boat. Immigrants in Athens’ Lesbos Island are visibly harshly treated.

Since July, foreigners in plain clothes have been roaming the island in unlicensed vehicles, taking beached boats to other destinations.

These people bind the hands of migrants seeking security with plastic cables, and confiscate their mobile phones and wallets. Then they beat the immigrants and put them on boats and send them to Turkey.

Helping refugees on Lesbos has a price

There are also allegations that refugees are used in human trafficking on Lesbos. Many of the young girls who had come to the island from the Dominican Republic had disappeared. Those who help immigrants are accused of ‘espionage’.

The residents of the island, on the other hand, stated that they could not help the immigrants because they were afraid. ‘The Mitsotakis government is constantly following us,’said a Lesbos resident.

‘We don’t even dare to give blankets. When we try to help, they accuse us of espionage.’ expressed his concern. The new immigration law in Greece passed the parliament 2 months ago.

Accordingly, carrying out a rescue operation without permission from the coast guard is within the scope of punishment. In such a case, a one-year prison sentence and a fine of 6,000 euros are imposed.

Refugees on Lesbos are not criminals, they need help!

In Greece, the first of the closed refugee camps opens today. X-ray scanning devices, security cameras and magnetic gates were installed in the camp, which was built on the island of Samos and kept under surveillance like a prison.

Electronic chips will also be used for entrances and exits to the camp, where the doors will remain locked. Four more similar camps will be built on the islands of Leros, Lesbos, Kos and Chios. The European Union promised 276 million euros to Athens for the establishment of these 5 refugee camps, where tight security measures were taken.

The unhealthy living conditions in the tent camps in Greece, where over-capacity immigrants are staying, has become a controversial issue. It is extremely inhumane that Greece systematically and illegally pushes immigrants back to Turkey.

Athens, on the other hand, does not accept that migrants are pushed back, despite the confirmation of the European Union and the Greek Refugee Council.