After an election victory built on a fierce anti-migrant campaign, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Friday said his new government would soon bring forward tighter immigration rules.

He also named Interior Minister Sandor Pinter and Economy Minister Mihaly Varga as deputy prime ministers and gave notice he would take a tough stance against the European Union over the bloc’s next budget.

Orban was re-elected in an April landslide that gave his ruling Fidesz party a two-thirds parliamentary majority, enabling it to rewrite major laws.

One of the most vociferous opponents of Muslim immigration into Europe, Orban won a third term in power after his campaign resonated with large swathes of the electorate, particularly in rural areas.

He told public radio that his main political objectives were unchanged.

“We are building a Christian democracy,” Orban said. “An old-style Christian democracy rooted in European traditions, where human dignity is paramount and there is a separation of powers.”

“We will defend Christian culture and will not surrender the country to aliens,” Orban said.