EU leaves migrants to die

Thousands of migrants in the Mediterranean are forcibly returned to Libya because of the EU policy of pushing back migrants. Libyan local authorities. The EU does not provide sufficient support in the fight against migration. 80 immigrants who wanted to cross into Europe via Libya and sailed to the Mediterranean were turned away by coast guard teams. Images of almost all of the immigrants, including 15 women, 2 of whom are pregnant, and 5 children, were devastated and their feet were bare, leaked to the media. The migrants were returned by the Libyan Coast Guard a few hours after they set sail from Karabolli late at night. In a statement, 28-year-old Sudanese Hussein stated that the journey in the Mediterranean was fatal for them. More than 25,000 migrants have been returned to Libya this year, according to the latest data shared by the International Organization for Migration. It also reported that this year, at least 470 of the migrants on their way to Europe from Libya died and 660 were missing.

EU ‘brutal’ silence on immigrants

Expressing that he and the immigrants accompanying him were deceived by the smugglers, Hüseyin stated that the smuggler put them on a flimsy rubber boat. Huseyin, who went to sea to reach Italy, said, “We set sail from Karabolli at around 22:00 at night. But the smuggler deceived us. He said that he had arranged a fiber boat. He gave a 40 (engine power) engine, but it was not new, he used it. Much more than us. “He took money. He took 4,500 dinars ($900), some of them 6,000 dinars ($1200). We thought we wouldn’t be able to reach because the distance was far and the engine was weak. It could have killed us.” made statements.

EU blocks immigrants’ paths

So far, thousands of migrants have died trying to reach Europe by crossing the Mediterranean. There are still more casualties. Italy and the EU made an agreement to train the Libyan Coast Guard to stop the migrant boats and to return the stopped migrants to Libya. With the agreement, there was a great decrease in the number of immigrants reaching Italy. Because there were concerns about the ill-treatment of immigrants in Libya. UN Observers, who went to a detention center in Tripoli, announced that migrants were subjected to torture and sexual violence while being brought there. Tunisia and Libya, located in the north of Africa, are seen as a point of departure for migrants who want to reach Europe via the Mediterranean. Every year, thousands of migrants sail from Africa to the Mediterranean to reach Europe in hopes of a better life. However, some of the migrants manage to reach Europe, while others die at sea.