French Presidential candidate Eric Zemmour made racist statements towards Senegalese. Senegal’s Embassy in Paris strongly condemned Eric Zemmour’s statements that the majority of foreign criminals in the country are Senegalese. In a written statement signed by Senegal’s Ambassador to Paris El Hadj Maguette Seye, it was announced that Zemmour had become obsessed with attacking the Senegalese society living in France, which he had previously targeted. Zemmour’s statements were described as “primitive racism”, and it was noted that these insulting statements insulted the dignity of the entire Senegalese society. In the statement, it was underlined that these statements targeting an exemplary society on integration such as Senegal were strongly condemned and that necessary action would be taken, including legal action.

“If I am elected President, I will send them all to their countries”

Known for his anti-Islamic and anti-immigrant views, racist presidential candidate Eric Zemmour said in a statement in Paris at the weekend that all foreign criminals in France are Senegalese and that if he is elected president, they will all be sent to their countries. Zemmour, in a statement to Cnews television in May 2021, claimed that all drug dealers in the country were Senegalese.

Zemmour was tried 15 times and sentenced twice for his racist behavior and hate speech.

In February 2011, he was fined a thousand euros for his racist behavior and incitement to hatred, and in June 2017 he was fined 5,000 euros for using violence and stigmatizing expressions against Muslims.

Recent polls in France show that the far-right candidate will receive 11 percent of the vote in the first round.

According to a poll conducted in France, 62 percent of voters see Zemmour as a “danger for democracy”. The elections will be held in two rounds, on 10 and 24 April 2022.

His lawyer announced that he would appeal the court’s decision.

Reacting to the decision on social media, Zemmour complained that his freedom of expression was restricted. He stated that “ideology should be removed from the courts urgently”.

Zemmour has two previous convictions for hate speech. About 30 associations working in the field of human rights and about 20 members of the regional council were parties to the lawsuit.

Announcing his candidacy for the presidential election, which will be held in the first round on April 10, Zemmour stands out as an anti-Islam and anti-immigrant figure.

Zemmour, who was born in Paris in 1958 to a Jewish family of Algerian descent, was fined 3,000 euros in September 2019 for his statements fueling hatred against Muslims in a television program.

After announcing his candidacy for the election, Zemmour called on Muslims in the country to assimilate in a statement he made on November 31, 2020.