Theodoros Giannaros, member of ruling conservative New Democracy party and the party’s working group for Health launched a vicious racist attack on a refugee, describing him as a “monkey”.

Arash Hampay, a refugee from Iran living in Greece, posted a photo on twitter and wrote: “Fascists, I’m OK with my new homeland, I will continue to work to change my city. Our city must be cleansed of fascism. ”

Giannaros commented on this post in an extremely racist way and wrote: “You are gonna be kicked back where you came from, you monkey!

“i called monkey this guy who called us fascists, obviously in order not to say something that my level wouldn’t allow and the “solidarity [movement]” would make an issue out of it. According to their point of view, they will vulgary swear at us and we will simply swallow it!”

Prompt was the reaction of the New Democracy government with spokesman Stelios Petsas condemning Giannaros’ comment saying: “Such statements do not belong to our party!”

Critics on social media demand that New Democracy expels Giannaros from the party, as he is a public figure and should not use such language.