Serbia’s Parliament Deputy Speaker and an official of the ultra-nationalist Serbian Radical Party (SRS) shocked the country with a tweet about the death of Hatidza Mehmedovic, the leader of the “Mother of Srebrenica” association and drew broad condemnation forcing her to delete the tweet.

Vjerica Radeta’s tweet said: “I read that Hatidza Mehmedovic from the association of Srebrenica businesswomen has died. Who is going to bury her? The husband or sons?”

Serbia’s Deputy Prime Minister Zorana Mihajlovic said that “we are used to listening to the ugliest words from the SRS officials, but I could not believe that they are so shameless to offend the dead.”

“But,” she added “ this is not the shame for the Radicals, it is a disgrace for those who voted for them and brought them to the parliament.”

Dragan Popovic, from the House of Human Rights and Democracy, said: “Hatidza’s two sons and the husband were killed in Srebrenica! And tell me now if the Radicals are normal and legitimate political force!”