US police stopped a driver who was delaying the payment of his Uber car he rented. Although the driver was unarmed and did not show any resistance, his arm was smashed by the dog at the command of the police. An Uber driver delayed payments for his rental car in San Francisco, USA. The company that rented the car reported that the car was stolen. Police officers stopped the Uber driver after the complaint. The 42-year-old Egyptian immigrant Ali Badr did not show any resistance. The police gave the dog a command and released it on the driver. The dog clamped on Badr’s right arm for about a minute and broke it.

US police attack driver who delayed rent payment with dog
US police brutally beat the driver
The victim driver had to undergo multiple surgeries. No charges were found in the case. A study from the Marshall Project found that US police dogs bite thousands of people each year, often being used on people who are not violent, suspected of petty crimes, or in some cases who have never committed crimes. In the images obtained from the camera on police officer Kyle Leano and the camera in the police vehicle, it was revealed that the teams attacked the 42-year-old Egyptian immigrant driver with the dog.

US police pull gun on screaming driver
According to the images obtained by the California-based San Francisco Chronicle newspaper, although Badr did not resist the police, the teams said “Hands up!” he shouts to the driver several times. Later, it is seen that he released the dog on the driver without any warning. While the dog quickly ran to the driver, biting Badr’s right arm for about a minute, the police pulled out a gun and walked towards Badr and controlled the vehicle. Meanwhile, Badr said, “What have I done?” He can be heard screaming and screaming over and over as the dog bites his arm. The Uber driver, in his lawsuit against the police last month, stated that he had “severe psychological and physical injuries” and stated that he was still unable to fully use his right arm. San Ramon Police Department, on the other hand, applied in March to file a lawsuit against Badr on charges of vehicle theft and resisting arrest, but due to lack of evidence, no action was taken against the driver.