Philadelphia settled a case with a mother whom police officers dragged from her car and beat up during protests against police violence last year.

The city settled for $2 million before she filed a lawsuit. The city told her lawyers it is the largest pre-trial settlement for a police brutality case like this.

“In many law firms, this case would have been over after securing such a historic settlement against the city of Philadelphia,” said lawyer Kevin Mincey.

But they say that’s not enough.

In October 2020, Philadelphia police officers shot and killed Walter Wallace Jr. in Cobbs Creek. That led to several days of protests. On October 27, Rickia Young was driving through West Philadelphia with her two-year-old son and 16-year-old nephew when she found herself in the middle of a protest. She turned to go back, but before she could, officers dragged Young and her nephew out of her car, beat them, and kept her away from her son for several hours.

The Fraternal Order of Police, the world’s largest organization of sworn officers, posted on social media a picture of a Philadelphia officer holding Rickia Young’s two-year-old son, saying that he was: “lost during the violent riots in Philadelphia, wandering around barefoot in an area that was experiencing complete lawlessness.”

The post ended by saying “We are the Thin Blue Line. And WE ARE the only thing standing between Order and Anarchy.”