French police launched an evacuation operation to clear the New Sorbonne University site as people continued blocking the venue in opposition to government reforms, the University said via its Twitter account.

No incidents occurred during the evacuation, which started early on Monday. According to the police, “several hundreds of empty bottles and materials aimed at creating incendiary devices, along with posters with slogans” were found at the site. Police reported the venue of Sorbonne Nouvelle has suffered certain damage.

On April 20, French police forcibly dispersed the protesters who were blocking off an area of Tolbiac University in Paris as part of nationwide demonstrations against the government’s education reform.

The reform of university access, adopted on March, 8 modified the conditions under which students get accepted to higher education starting September 2018. Trade unions of the branch criticized it pointing out a creation of “selection” which contradicts the general right and equality in access to higher education for everyone.