David and Casey Hillier were both charged with assaulting police and resisting arrest following an incident at the Hilliers’ home on June 5, 2020.

West Grey police were called to the Hillier home to remove an unwanted person, but the police visit ended with David Hillier suffering life-threatening injuries, including eight fractured ribs, a collapsed lung and bruising all over his body.

The 69-year-old spent over two months in hospital recovering from injuries he says were administered by two West Grey police officers during an overly aggressive arrest.

The West Grey Police Service says two of their officers were also injured the interaction with the Hilliers.

Police say they did not start the physical confrontation, and used the force needed to subdue both men.

Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit determined that despite the Hilliers’ injuries, West Grey police officers used the force necessary to deal with the situation that evening, saying there are no reasonable grounds to lay in charges against the officers in this case.

At the Walkerton courthouse last Tuesday, charges of resisting arrest were dropped against both Casey and David.

The Hilliers have since filed a $5-million Statement of Claim against the West Grey Police Service for excessive force and false imprisonment, amongst other claims.

Casey Hillier has also filed a complaint about the incident with the Office of the Independent Police Review Director.