Two Minneapolis police officers who fatally shot a suicidal man last November will not face criminal charges.

The Hennepin County Attorney’s office announced Thursday afternoon that Officer Ryan Keyes and Neal Walsh were “justified in using deadly force” in the fatal shooting of Travis Jordan, 36.

Jordan’s girlfriend called 911 on the afternoon of Nov. 9, 2018 to report that he told her over the phone that he was going to commit suicide at a home on the 3700 block of Morgan Avenue North.

Fourteen minutes after the call, Jordan was dead.

His girlfriend told investigators that when she told him that she called and police and officers were en route, Jordan told her “he would talk to them when they arrived.”

When the officers arrived at the home — owned by Jordan’s friend Paul Johnson — Jordan didn’t respond to their door knocking. Keyes walked to the back of the house and saw Jordan through the window in the kitchen. He gestured for Jordan to come to the front door, but he didn’t comply.

Keyes then saw Jordan go to a nearby room, where he was talking on a phone with headphones to his girlfriend. She later said Jordan told her during that call that he “was going to go down today,” and that he had knives.

Keyes said Jordan opened a window at one point, swore at him, then slammed it shut. Keyes said Jordan continued to swear and was slurring his speech. He also seemed to get angrier and angrier.

Body camera footage shows both officers pulling out their guns before Jordan opens the front porch door. The officers repeatedly tell Jordan to drop the knife, while Jordan repeatedly screams “Let’s do it! Come on!” Walsh tells Jordan at one point, “Nope, I do not want to do this. Put the knife down and we’ll come out and talk.”

“Officers Walsh and Keyes’ use of deadly force was objectively reasonable in the face of the danger of death or great bodily harm and no criminal charges could or should be made,” Freeman said.