Inhuman violence by US police

The person whom the US police intervened with an electroshock gun caught fire. Jason Jones, who was electrocuted by the police in the town of Catskill in the Greene region of New York, was suddenly engulfed in flames.

According to The Times Union newspaper, 29-year-old Jones applied hand sanitizer to his body on October 30.
Police Station Superintendent Dave Darling explained that the police used an electroshock gun to neutralize Jones, whom they knew before.

He stated that Jones suddenly caught fire with the effect of the antiseptic. Darling stated that the police in the center did not have body cameras. However, he stressed that there were cameras in the building.

Darling announced that the Greene District Attorney’s Office has launched an investigation into the incident. Jones, who was in flames, was taken to the hospital.

The condition of Jones, who has been treated in the intensive care unit for a week, remains serious. An investigation into the incident has been initiated.

A police officer who made a statement on the subject and did not want his name to be disclosed, stated that after Jones came to the police station,

he took off his clothes and poured hand sanitizer on him. The official tried to justify the cops. He said the police intervened Jones, who applied antiseptic to him, by electrocuting him with an electroshock gun.
Details about why Jones went to the police station or why and when he spilled hand sanitizer are not yet known.

US police would wear body cameras to reduce violence

More than 1,000 law enforcement agencies in America would use body cameras.
The US police would try to alleviate concerns about private life by informing citizens that they were communicating in open areas that they were being caught on camera. In confined spaces such as a home or office, the police would have to ask permission to keep the camera on.
Body cameras were also tested by police in the state of Indiana.

If there is no camera recording when citizens complain, the word of the police is valid against the word of the citizen. However, thanks to the camera, it was possible to make an unbiased evaluation.

In America, police hope that the relationship between police and citizens will become more transparent thanks to body cameras. In this incident, however, the police are right because they did not wear a body camera. Jones, who was given an electroshock and burned in flames, becomes a criminal.