The US National Guard is being sent in to contain protests and pockets of violence after a police officer shot a black man seven times in the back at close range.

Hundreds of protesters defied a curfew on Monday night – with some throwing bottles and shooting fireworks towards officers in riot gear as they chanted “no justice, no peace”.

Footage circulating on social media showed the 29-year-old, who did not appear to be carrying a weapon, walking towards a car as two officers followed him with guns drawn.

As Mr Blake opened the door, one of the officers grabbed his vest and shot him in the back.

According to his lawyer, his three young sons saw the shooting, which happened in the city of Kenosha.

Witnesses said he was trying to break up a fight between two women when the officers arrived.

Mr Blake’s uncle, Justin, has visited him in hospital. Urging protesters to act peacefully, he said: “He’s getting surgical stuff done to him. We are all praying for his recovery right now.”