A teenage boy lost an eye in a brutal clash with riot police in Calais as officers attempted to dismantle a camp by force. A sixteen-year-old asylum hopeful lost an eye after a vicious brawl broke out between riot police and a group of undocumented immigrants in the northern port town of Calais last week, French prosecutors said on Tuesday.

The child migrant, from Eritrea, was injured during an evacuation operation last Thursday, a spokesman for the Boulogne-sur-Mer prosecutor’s office said, adding an investigation had been launched by the Inspector General of Police (IGPN) into the incident.

The spokesman said: “The IGPN investigation will focus on the injury sustained by the young migrant in order to determine who was at fault: migrants or police.”

The local prosecutor’s office said doctors believed the injury had been caused “either by a rubber bullet or a tear gas grenade,” but refused to elaborate further.

More than 100 illegal immigrants and 50 law enforcement were involved in the violent scuffle, which erupted after the migrants tried to stop police from dismantling their newly-built camp and destroying their tents.

Three other migrants and two riot police officers were also injured in the clashes, during which rocks were hurled and tear gas was fired.