Hours after a video appearing to show a Miami police officer kicking a suspect in the head during an arrest Thursday went viral on social media, the State Attorney’s Office started an investigation and the department relieved the officer of duty.

A resident filmed and published the video on Facebook at the Culmer Place Apartments, 610 NW 10 St., near Reeves Park in Overtown. The Miami Police Department identified the man arrested as David Vladim Suazo and the officer who attempts to kick him as Officer Mario Figueroa, a two-year veteran who was wearing a body-worn camera.

According to the arrest report the 31-year-old Overtown resident was in a 2000 blue Jeep Cherokee that was reported stolen in Broward County when officers ordered him to stop, and he sped away instead. Officers said Suazo crashed into a concrete wall at 835 NW 7 Ave., and took off running.

When an officer first caught up to him, he took a “fighting stance” and shouted an expletive, according to the arrest report. The officer deployed his Taser, but officers said “it was ineffective” and Suazo continued to run. When police officers caught up to him again, a witness began to film.

“He was already in handcuffs. He was not resisting or anything,” the person who shot the video told Todd Tongen. “He was already in handcuffs and the other one came running out of nowhere and kicked him like a football and basically jumped on him.”