Clearing refugees from public parks and transport hubs in Brussels has been described as “inhuman” by a Belgian NGO.

Brussels-based aid organization Humain on Tuesday said recent increased police action against refugees taking shelter in parks and metro stations had caused anxiety.

It claimed the 500-600 refugees who had been based in the Maximilian Park and Brussels-North railway station areas had been significantly reduced.

“Asylum seekers have been anxious over increasing police checks in recent days,” Humain said.

According to Brussels police, nearly 160 refugees have been detained this week.

However, the aid organization also said police detained refugees who only came to the area to receive charitable donations and food.

“This behavior is inhuman,” the NGO said.

Belgium’s Interior Ministry has said the police checks will continue as they observed a notable drop in refugee numbers.

It is uncertain where the refugees went after leaving the public parks and stations.