The Mayor of Barcelona urged the Spanish police to immediately end their violence “against the defenseless population.” Spain’s central authorities launched a massive crackdown on the Catalan independence referendum which they say is illegal.
At least 460 people have been injured in clashes between police and voters amid the ongoing independence referendum, Mayor Ada Colau tweeted, urging Spain’s law enforcement to immediately stop using aggressive tactics “against the defenseless population.”

In a separate statement, the Catalan health service reported treating 465 casualties, two of whom are in a serious condition in hospital.

Spain’s Interior Ministry said that nine police officers and three Civil Guards sustained injuries during the clashes.

Sunday’s Catalan independence referendum was marked by violent clashes between voters and the police, which attempted to block Catalans from voting, forcibly removing them from polling stations. The police repeatedly used batons and rubber bullets against civilians, as multiple footage from the scene indicates.