The police body camera videos are disturbing. They show two Orlando police officersarresting 6-year-old Kaia Rolle as she pleads with officers for a “second chance.”

“Help me,” Kaia says between sobs as her hands are restrained with a zip tie.

“You can tell me what happened in the car, OK?” one officer responds as he begins to walk her outside.

“I don’t want to go to the police car,” Kaia said while she wept. “Please.”

“Please, please,” Kaia continued to sob as an officer put her in the back of his police SUV. “Please let me go.”

CNN does not normally identify juveniles in such cases, but the family has spoken openly about her.

The videos show one officer going back into the office and chatting with several office staff members. He told them that he had arrested 6,000 people in 28 years and that Kaia had “broken the record,” because until that day the youngest person he had arrested had been 7.

Two body camera videos of the incident were released to CNN Tuesday by the Smith & Eulo Law Firm, the attorneys representing Kaia Rolle. But the arrest happened on September 19, 2019, following what had reportedly been a temper tantrum by Kaia at The Lucious and Emma Nixon Academy.