Germany arrested two German nationals, who work in factories that manufacture explosive materials and arms, for allegedly leaking confidential state secrets.

According to Anadolu Agency (AA), which based its report on a German federal prosecutor’s statement, the alleged suspects Thomas M., 54, who is a worker at the explosive materials factory, and Martin M., 59, who holds a managerial position in an arms factory, reportedly know each other.

Based on the statement, Thomas M. was in possession of a secret “confidential” draft document on budget planning for the German Defense Ministry. It added that the document contains high-level secrets of the country’s security policies and that a copy of the document was given to Martin M. in 2016.After the initial exchange, Martin M. had allegedly distributed a copy of the document to his colleagues at his workplace and upon the emergence of the incident; Martin M.’s employer had informed Germany’s federal intelligence authorities.

An investigation has been launched into the matter by the intelligence authorities and the residences of both suspects have been searched.

Both Martin M. and Thomas M. were arrested by a German court on Jan. 26. It is not yet known how Thomas M. initially had access to the document.