Hackers have leaked the personal data of hundreds of German politicians in what is being described as one of the country’s worst ever cyber attacks.

MPs’ mobile numbers and addresses, as well as their emails, bills and credit card information, were published on the internet, as were photos of their personal IDs.

Chancellor Angela Merkel was one of the politicians affected by the hack. The data dump contains several emails from and to her, as well her fax number and email address.

There were no indications on Friday as to who was behind the incident, which was first reported by German broadcaster RBB Inforadio.

The Federal Office for IT Security, which oversees the government’s computer systems, said it was investigating the hack.

It comes three years after a major assault on the Bundestag’s computer network, which German security officials said was carried out by Russian-backed hackers seeking to meddle in the 2017 federal election.

Russian operatives were also blamed for an attack on the German government’s IT system last year.

All political parties represented in the Bundestag were affected by the latest assault, apart from the far-right Alternative for Germany. Ms Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union and its Bavarian sister party the CSU were hacked, as were the left-of-centre Social Democrats, the Greens, the hard-left Die Linke and the liberal Free Democratic party.