In the news of the “Welt am Sonntag” newspaper, it was stated that right-wing extremism is more common in law enforcement agencies in the country than previously thought.

In the news that the newspaper based on the information it received from the federal government and the ministries of justice and interior in the states, it was reported that at least 272 police officers are currently being investigated on charges of being affiliated with the far-right or committing far-right crimes.

In the news, it was stated that this covers both judicial and disciplinary investigations.

Deputies of the Bundestag demanded that these events be clarified decisively.

Christian Democratic Union Party (CDU) MP Roderich Kiesewetter pointed out that every far-right suspicion about the police at the federal level and in the states should be followed, and demanded that necessary measures be taken if these are confirmed.

Green Party Deputy Irene Mihalic emphasized that these numbers are alarming and said that many events are still unknown.

“This is why we need scientific research on anti-constitutional attitudes among police officers,” Mihalic said. used the phrase.

In Germany, it was reported that many police officers were investigated recently on the grounds that they shared far-right content in chat groups on the Internet.

The Ministry of Interior of Hessen state announced that the number of suspect police had increased to 49 within the framework of the investigation carried out regarding the police accused of extreme right-wing, and also announced that the Frankfurt Police Department Special Operations Team (SEK) had been abolished.

It was also claimed that many police officers in the Bundestag made far-right rhetoric or acted unconstitutionally.