On Thursday, public-sector workers in France went on strike against President Emmanuel Macron’s right-wing labor reforms.

While protests are continuing in Montpellier University, university administration’s scandal interference towards students caused eyebrows to raise.

Lena R., a law student, stated that a “violence team” which was set up by university administration has beat students up. We were 50 students in the lecture hall. The dean has opened the door to the 10 attackers who were wearing masks and baseball bats holding. They start to beat and clear us out without saying a word. I saw the dean watching as one of my friends lies in a pool of his own blood. Police didn’t arrest the attackers, they escaped from emergency exit.” Lena R. said.

The faculty dean, Philippe Petel, rejected all the claims in his disclosure and defend himself: “I didn’t see any balaclava-clad person in the crowd. I am proud of my students who tries to block protesters and wants to continue education.”