French Interior Minister Darmanin aims to close all mosques in the country

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin conveyed his anti-Islamic thoughts to Cnews television channel. In his statement, he announced that a mosque in the city of Cannes would be closed on the grounds that he made “antisemitic” statements. He claimed that the mosque supported the French Collective Against Islamophobia (CCIF), which was closed by the government for various reasons, and the charity Baraka City. Stating that the place of worship will be closed on the grounds of these allegations, Darmanin also claimed that 70 mosques in the country have become “radicalised”. Attacks on mosques are increasing. It is noteworthy that the number of mosques that have been closed recently in the country and the increase in attacks against these places. In the city of Allonnes, France, on October 25, 2020, at Darmanin’s request, the mosque with a congregation of 300 people was closed for 6 months on the grounds that it “defended radical Islam”.

French Interior Minister Darmanin closes mosques one by one

Interior Minister Darmanin previously stated that as a result of the inspections, 21 of the 92 mosques in the country were closed. The Paris administration has been criticized for interfering in the lives of Muslims with the “separatist” law it adopted in August last year. French Interior Minister Darmanin stated that as a result of the inspections carried out in 89 mosques since November 2020, with the allegation that they have “radicalized”, one-third of them have been closed. The French administration continues to interfere in the lives of Muslims with the “separatist” law it adopted in August. Among the main issues addressed by the law are impartiality in public service and compliance with the principles of the republic, polygamy and forced marriage, restriction of distance education, reviewing the situation of private schools, and the auditability of associations both in terms of activity and finance.

Anti-Islam is rising on the basis of the “Separatist Law”

Darmanin stated that these steps were taken on the basis of the “separatist” law. He boasted about the number of mosques that were closed. Stating that they did not touch 36 mosques inspected because they did not contradict the laws of the Republic, French Interior Minister Darmanin said that some of them stopped receiving external funding, and that one mosque dismissed the imam who was accused of extremism. Addressing Muslims, French Interior Minister Darmanin argued that there are few places of worship related to extremism in the country and that they do not have a problem with Muslims in France in general. Criticism of the government for the attitude towards Muslims in France The bill, which was announced by President Emmanuel Macron on October 2, 2020 as a “separatist” law and changed its name to “Principles Strengthening Respect for the Laws of the Republic”, was accepted in August.