Nearly a dozen people sleeping rough on the streets of the French capital have died since January 1st, according to new figures as Paris announces plans to count the number of homeless in the city.

Between January 1st and February 12th, 11 people living on the Paris streets have died.

And across the greater Paris region of Ile-de-France there were a total of 18 deaths in the same period, according to the list from Les Morts dans la Rue (Deaths on the street), a collective dedicated to documenting the deaths of homeless people in France.

There’s no doubt that the scale of the problem of rough sleeping on the streets of Paris is hard to ignore, with the sheer number of people begging in the French capital raising the eyebrows of locals and visitors alike.

In response to the list, Jean-Christophe Combe, director general of the Red Cross, told Le Figaro that the situation was “not acceptable and not sustainable”.

Combe added that the causes of death on the street are multiple and include “hypothermia, chronic disease and addiction”.