Sacramento County’s top prosecutor received $13,000 in campaign donations from two local law enforcement unions just days after Stephon Clark was killed by Sacramento police who shot the unarmed African American man, campaign finance records show.

The unions and Anne Marie Schubert’s camp call the donations’ timing less than a week after Clark’s death on March 18 an unfortunate coincidence. Clark, 22, was shot in the backyard of his grandparents’ south Sacramento home after police mistook the cellphone in his hand for a gun.

But activists – many of whom have repeatedly called on Schubert to file criminal charges against the officers – are blasting the cash received on March 20 and March 23 as another sign of collusion between prosecutors and police unions. Schubert’s office is reviewing Clark’s shooting for criminal violations.

“It’s not an exception to the rule – it is the rule. Their relationships with each other are incestuous,” said Cat Brooks, executive director of the Oakland-based Justice Teams Network, whose Anti Police Terror Project advocates for policing reforms and joined Sacramento protesters on Wednesday. “So the public perception is right. (DA’s offices) are beholden to law enforcement unions. You can’t engender trust when those relationships are so tightly wound.”