Hundreds of Muslims on Wednesday flocked to Virginia in support of a mosque’s request to be allowed to conduct basic religious services.

A public hearing was held in Fairfax County to decide whether an amendment requested by the Mclean Islamic Center (MIC) should be approved.

The amendment calls for the mosque to extend its hours of operation and to broaden the capacity in which they are allowed to operate.

“We are here to do our best, and then leave everything else to Allah,” MIC board member Maqsood Chaudhry told Anadolu Agency.

MIC has more than 90 parking spots, however, it is allowed to have only 10 cars enter for the early morning prayer.

Muslims have five daily prayers at fixed times but the neighboring community recently filed a complaint to the county after seeing 12 cars parked on the lot during one of the prayers. Since then, the morning prayer was suspended.