Nusrat Ghani from the Conservative Party in Great Britain said that she was fired from the post of minister because her colleagues are worried that she is a Muslim, reports Anadolu Agency (AA).

Ghani in a statement to The Sunday Times regarding her dismissal in February 2020 from the post of Minister of State, responsible for aviation and maritime transport said that the leader of the party group during a meeting in the prime minister had told her that ” “The fact that I am a Muslim was raised as an issue on the agenda.”

“In the meeting with the leaders of the party groups after the change of the cabinet, I asked what was the reasoning after the decision for my dismissal and what was the state of mind when my name was mentioned in Number 10 (prime minister) regarding the change. the meeting of the cabinet change in the Prime Minister, the fact that I am a Muslim has been brought to the agenda as an issue, that my position as a Muslim minister worries colleagues and that there were concerns that I could not be loyal because I did not sufficiently defend the party against allegations of “Islamophobia,” Ghani said.

“I have felt humiliated and powerless,” said Ghani, who claims to have remained silent after being warned that if she continued to bring the issue to the agenda “she would be expelled from colleagues” and that “her career would be ruined”. and reputation. ”

“Since then I have been thinking whether or not I want to continue to be an MP. I will not claim that this has not shaken my confidence in the party,” she said.

Ghani’s statements came after allegations that councilors and ministers had been blackmailed against lawmakers opposed to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

William Wragg, one of the first Conservative MPs to criticize Prime Minister Johnson for violating COVID-19 restrictions on the prime minister, said in a statement on January 20 that MPs have been threatened with withdrawing state funds in constituencies.

The chairman of the Labor Party on the House of Commons Standards Committee, Chris Bryant, said he had spoken to many conservatives who had said they had been threatened by leaders of the ruling party’s groups.

Ghani took office as minister in January 2018 under Prime Minister Theresa May while a few months later remained out of the cabinet after Johnson came to power in the December 12, 2019 election.