Farewell the little French named Sofia, Zinedine or Joe. This is the wish of the deputy “Republicans” Julien Aubert, author of a booklet of 18 proposals on Islam published Friday.

Among other things – the wearing of the veil would have an impact, which one imagines negative, “on the physical development” of the minors -, it recommends, for the pretenders to the French nationality to choose a first name “adapted to the national culture”.

The president of the microparti Dare France was quickly joined on this request by the president of the National Rally, Marine Le Pen, Sunday on RTL: “It would be nice if naturalization, the request for naturalization, can be expressed through this but here again I say it for a long time. Of course, because he assumes “a preference” for the French culture “of Judeo-Christian and Greco-Latin”, everyone will not be on his blacklist.

The “polemicist” Éric Zemmour, with the name of Germanic origin, can continue to claim the same thing without fearing for his identity.