Jordan Bardella announced on February 2 his indictment for his remarks concerning the city of Trappes which he had described as an “Islamic Republic”. He accuses French justice of wanting to censor him.

The acting president of the National Rally (RN), Jordan Bardella, announced on February 2 his indictment for having qualified in October 2021 the city of Trappes (Yvelines) as an “Islamic Republic”. “I received the notification of the indictment for having qualified the city of Trappes as an Islamic Republic when I returned home yesterday,” said the RN MEP on Europe 1.

In October 2021, after the re-election of the mayor of Trappes Ali Rabeh, Jordan Bardella, deploring in a press release that “the government remains passive before the constitution of Islamic Republics in miniature”, had claimed that the city councilor, whom he suspected of clientelism Islamist, be revoked and his city placed under guardianship. “I regret that French justice pursues the same goal today as the Islamists, namely to silence those who denounce reality and those who refuse to see countless neighborhoods in France transform,” he lambasted.

Jordan Bardella recalled that this indictment comes “at a time when we learn that journalists, and in particular one of your colleagues from M6 and a resident of Roubaix, have been placed under police protection for not only denouncing, but simply describing reality and showed the progression of Islamism in the city of Roubaix”.

As a reminder, M6 journalist Ophélie Meunier and a young man from Roubaix, Amine Elbahi, were placed under police protection after receiving threats following a report by the program Restricted zone on Islamism in this northern city.

“This presidential election will obviously be a civilization issue, but also a security issue because Islamism today has taken power in many neighborhoods and we are the only ones to oppose it,” he added. “The physical or legal persecutions of those who tell the real say a lot about the state of France. Let’s act before it’s too late,” he said. tweeted previously.