The mosque in the Pessac district, near the city of Bordeaux, has been closed for 6 months for allegedly advocating “radical Islam”.

Gironde Governorate announced that the Al-Farouk Mosque in Pessac was closed for 6 months on the grounds that it defended “radical Islam” and spread “predecessor” ideology. It was alleged that sermons were given in the mosque, calling for non-compliance with French laws, legitimizing terrorist attacks and encouraging martyrdom.

It was also claimed that messages containing hatred against Israel were shared in the mosque and that terrorist organizations or people who defend “radical Islam” were supported.

The French administration has been criticized by human rights defenders and non-governmental organizations on the grounds that it interfered with the lives of Muslims and marginalized them with its “separatist” law adopted in August 2021.

In a report published on March 2 in the country, nearly 25 thousand mosques, schools, associations and workplaces were controlled from February 2018 to January 2022, and 718 of them were closed during the same period.

Interior Minister Darmanin stated that as a result of the inspections carried out in 89 mosques since November 2020, claiming that they have “radicalized”, one-third of them have been closed.

The French administration continues to interfere in the lives of Muslims with the “separatist” law it adopted in August.

Among the main issues addressed by the law are impartiality in public service and compliance with the principles of the republic, polygamy and forced marriage, restriction of distance education, reviewing the situation of private schools, and the auditability of associations both in terms of activity and finance.

The “separatist understanding of Islam” results in increased pressure on Muslims, mosques, Islamic organizations and associations by the state.

After the attack on the former building of Charlie Hebdo magazine, which published cartoons insulting the Prophet, the wave that emerged under the name of “separatist understanding of Islam” in the country resulted in increased pressure on Muslims, mosques, Islamic organizations and associations by the state.

In France, nearly 200 investigations have been opened each week on charges of terrorist propaganda. French sociologist Liogier: “There is something in common between the Jews and what is done to Muslims today.” made a statement. Amnesty International: Anti-terrorism measures in France raise human rights concerns In France, 43 mosques have been closed in the last 3 years. A terror investigation was launched against the middle school student for “welcoming the death of the teacher”. Hz. Less than a month after the action of the magazine that published cartoons about Mohammed, on September 25, a person with a knife injured two people in an attack on Nicolas-Appert Street in the 11th district, where Charlie Hebdo’s former building is located.