Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) Chairman and former Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz, before the early general elections caught promises to ban the headscarf for teachers and students, he said.

Explaining the promises of the ÖVP before the country’s early general elections on September 29th, Sebastian Kurz said that harsh and restrictive practices against migrants and refugees, especially Muslims, will continue when they come to power.

Kurz argued that a large number of immigrants coming to the country have led to drastic changes, so some measures should be taken to preserve the “Austrian identity”.

Pointing to the importance of maintaining Austrian culture and traditions, Kurz said that the crucifix symbol in schools will continue to exist.

Kurz said that the scope of the headscarf ban for elementary school students, which came into force during the far-right government, would be extended to the age of 14 to cover secondary school students and teachers would be banned from wearing the headscarf.

Kurz stated that the restriction of social assistance for migrants and refugees will continue, especially in the fight against irregular migration.

Kurz, especially for immigrant children in schools “citizenship knowledge” under the name of a course will be included in the curriculum, the course, the functioning of the legal system, democracy and Austrian values ​​will be transferred, he said.

Stressing that radical formations such as the Neonazi Identist movement will be banned, Kurz shared the knowledge that a new center will be established to combat political Islam.

Kurz underlined that it would raise the age of marriage to 18 in the country where the voting age was 16, and that marriage among cousins ​​would be banned.

The tension in the country due to the election “Ibiza scandal” and the focus of discussions on external aid to the ÖVP Kurz, less than three weeks before the elections again promises to target Muslims and immigrants, he noted.

The far-right government of Austria’s ÖVP and the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ), which came to power in 2017, contains a tender bargain with former Russian Deputy Prime Minister and FPÖ leader Heinz Christian Strache, called the iza Ibiza scandal ihale. because of the recording ended.

After the Ibiza scandal, Prime Minister Kurz called for early elections by ending the government. The extreme right-wing government, which remained in power for about 17 months, enacted a number of laws restricting the living spaces of Muslims and immigrants, particularly the headscarf ban on primary school students.