Speaking at an anti-Semitism conference on November 22, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz blamed Islamic migration for the rise of incidents against Jews in Europe. 

“You should only let as many people immigrate in a country as many as many you are able to integrate. So, I think that a not-registered, and not-organised flow of immigrants can always be a problem for a country,” Kurz said in Vienna.

“And especially a strong flow of immigrants coming from Muslim countries can cause troubles like a different understanding about Israel or anti-Semitic ideas, which we would not like to have in our societies,” he added.

According to Executive Director of the American Jewish Committee David Harris Europe is too passive concerning anti-Semitism.

“I’d like to see European countries angrier, angrier about the treatment of Israel in the International community.

“Instead of going along too often, European governments need to stand up more and show backbone, exactly as Sebastian Kurz is now doing and demonstrating that it can be done,” he said.