The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) fined Icelandic state television (RUV) for the Icelandic Hatari group, which opened a Palestinian flag scarf at the 64th Eurovision Song Contest in the Israeli capital, Tel Aviv.

According to AA’s report from Euronews, the EBU punished RUV for the opening of the Palestinian flag scarf in the final in Tel Aviv by the band representing Iceland.

EBU, Iceland “Hatrio mun sigar” song representing the Hatari group, the Palestinian flag weft action, the EBU “violates the rules prohibiting political movements” on the grounds that the FUV said.

On the other hand, the “escxtra” news site, the EBU gave a fine of 5,000 euros to RUV, which is the lowest limit of the EBU’nun passed.

EBU’nun official member of the RUV in spite of the penalty, the Netherlands will participate in the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest in the city of Rotterdam was recorded.

While the scores were distributed in Israel, members of the Hatari group opened the Palestinian flags in their hands and made a sign of victory.

This movement of Hatari marked the competition and had a great impact on social media.
Hatari finished the tenth place with 232 points and this was Iceland’s best record since 2009.

In addition, the American singer Madonna in the competition during the mini-concert of one of the dancers accompanying the famous singer on the stage behind the costume of the Palestinian flag was marked by the event.

In the final of the 64th Eurovision Song Contest, 26 countries took the stage. After the vote, Eurovision Duncan Laurence, who competed for the Netherlands with the song “Arcade”, won 492 points. Italy was the second and Russia was the third, while Israel was the 23rd.