Paris and Bourges, the town at the centre of France, have both been identified as locations for Act 9 of the ‘yellow vest’ protests set to take place this Saturday as another weekend of demonstrations looms in France.
It’s nearly the weekend which means another day of protests for the gilets jaunes, with two locations pinpointed for this Saturday’s events, dubbed ACT 9 of the movement.

Both the French capital and the capital of the Cher department at the centre of France, Bourges have been mooted as meeting points for the weekend’s demonstrations.

And while Paris has some experience, to say the least, of the ‘yellow vest’ protests, the local authorities in Bourges are nervous about what Saturday may bring.

The head of the local authority in Bourges Catherine Ferrier told BFM TV on Friday morning that she had banned protests in the historic centre of the city, which is where the gilets jaunes have said they want to meet.

The Mayor of Bourges Pascal Blanc is also worried about the unpredictability of the protests.

“It’s the unknown as to the number of protesters and how it will happen. Will it be peaceful? Or will there be violence?”

In the meantime, the city is busy preparing, dismantling parking metres, removing construction equipment and preparing to close its museums.

It was prominent ‘yellow vest’ Priscillia Ludosky who called on gilets jaunes to make Bourges the epicentre of the mobilisation.
Ludosky explained that the city in the centre of France was “a little less known to the police” which would lower the chances of the protesters being circled by the police force.

The city has been chosen “to confirm our unity and to allow everyone to be at equal distance leaving the big cities”, according to the Facebook group for the event.