President Emanuel Macron of France once again will participate and speak at the annual gala organized by the Coordinating Council of Armenian Organizations in France (CCAF).

Macron stated that he will always support Armenia and Armenians living in the country.

“CCAF has a request to punish the rejection of Armenian claims, and a legal study has been done about it”.

In the legal amendment, there was no direct statement of alleged allegations about the 1915 events.

However, it was stated that the law would pave the way for punishment on this issue by putting the notion of 1915 events as “genocide” within the scope of “hate crime”.

According to this law, a person would be given a 1-year prison sentence and  40,000 euro fine.

A similar law adopted in France during the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy was annulled by the Constitutional Court on the grounds that it “restricts freedom of expression”.