A far-right political party in Germany has proposed setting up online portals for students to report teachers who criticize it throughout the country, an idea that some have compared to practices used by the Nazis during World War II, Deutsche Welle reported.

While the Alternative For Germany Party (AfD) has announced its plans to launch the portal throughout the country, it already launched a site called Neutral Schools in the northern city of Hamburg. The party says that the goal of the site, which the BBC said has received more than 1,000 reports, is to “strengthen a democratic and free discourse.”

“It is to be expected that a party that wants to ostracize dissenters is now creating platforms to denounce people who have different opinions. Teachers should be scared. This is a frightening development,” Ilka Hoffmann, a board member from the German Education Union said, according to German Broadcaster Deutsche Welle.

Others, including Uwe Böken, a teacher who was reportedly condemned by the AfD on social media for inviting a surviving member of a girls’ orchestra from Auschwitz to speak to his students, say that the move amounts to totalitarianism.

“What’s happening with this portal is pure denunciation. You just have to look at a history book or also at the present day to recognize this as something belonging to systems with a clear totalitarian character,” Böken said, according to The Guardian.