A new draft bill proposed by the Danish Ministry of Justice is considered to try to put an end to the freedom of speech, especially on issues regarding the NATO.

According to Danish Arbejderen news portal, the Justice Ministry prepares a law according to which even the sharing of any critical articles or views that “adversely affect the general perception of NATO” will be punishable.

In order to obfuscate the threatening nature of the new law, the draft legislation adds that the sharing of anti-NATO information/views will be punishable “if it is coming from a foreign intelligence service”.

The major message of the proposed draft law is anyone who stands against NATO will be automatically perceived that he supports the (alleged) Russian campaign against the West.

“Such a law,” says Jom Vestergaard, a Professor of law at the University of Copenhagen, “creates an immense insecurity of justice and will be extremely difficult to be implemented.”

Apart from the mass media, the controversial draft law also proposes the punishment of sharing anti-NATO views in social media up to 12 years of imprisonment.