President Emmanuel Macron will create a separate forum to replace the Islamic Council of France. The new forum focuses on imam training and preventing influence from abroad.

According to reports in the French media, the French government wants Muslims in the country to be represented by a new organization.

Journal du Dimanche newspaper claimed that the newly formed Islamic Forum would replace the French Central Council (CFCM), which has been operating in the country since 2003.

The French Ministry of the Interior declared that it attaches special importance to the independence of the new formation from abroad and its unequivocal rejection of fundamentalism.

At the same time, he stated that the organization was requested to support freedom of conscience, secularism and freedom of thought. According to the news in the French media, the “points of gravity” in the work of the formation will be the registration of anti-Islamism, the training of imams and the implementation of the “Law Strengthening Respect for the Principles of the Republic”.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin announced that the French Islamic Council was dissolved after months of debate.

He also declared that the council is no longer “a negotiating partner of the state”.

According to the news in the Journal du Dimanche newspaper, senior executives of the Islamic Council will not take part in the new forum to be created.

Four federations of the French Islamic Council announced in March that they were withdrawing from the Executive Board of the CFCM.

The Paris Grand Mosque Federation, the French Muslims Union, the Muslims of France and the Federation of African, Comoros and Antilles Islamic Associations announced that they had decided to withdraw from the Executive Board of the Islamic Council of France, and at the same time, the creation of a new organization to represent Muslims in the country.

They announced that they would act together.

France will restrict Muslims in the country under the name of the Islamic Council

The debate within the Islamic Council in France intensified when three federations, two of which were affiliated with Turkey, refused to sign the French Declaration of Islamic Principles. In the statement released to the public by the Islamic Council of France (CFCM), he stated that he rejected the use of Islam for political purposes.

In the declaration, it was emphasized that practices such as female genital mutilation, premarital virginity certificate or forced marriage, as well as racism and antisemitism were rejected. The document also warned that “mosques are not built to spread nationalist rhetoric that defends foreign regimes”.