Dutch journalist forced to leave Greece

The EU Commission remains silent on the Dutch journalist being forced to leave Greece. European Union Commission spokespersons did not stand up for Dutch journalist Ingeborg Beugel, who accused Greek Prime Minister Kiryakos Mitsotakis of lying about immigrants.

After Beugel accused Mitsotakis of lying about the push-backs at a press conference, he had to leave the country afterwards. Eric Mamer, one of the spokespersons of the commission, stated that he did not have an answer to the question after consulting his colleagues.

He stated that they can return if they have information.

‘When will you stop lying about pushing back refugees, refugees in Greece,’ Beugel told Mitsotakis at a press conference with his Dutch counterpart, Mark Rutte. she had asked the question.

Deep silence from the EU Commission

Beugel, who was attacked by a Greek citizen the next day, stated that he decided to leave the country on the grounds that he did not feel safe.

‘The Dutch Embassy, ​​the Dutch Journalists’ Association and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly recommend that I leave Greece. So do my children,’

Beugel said. she had made her statements. Stating that he did not feel safe in the country, the journalist drew attention to the criticisms directed at him by nationalist groups, especially on social media.

Regarding the reason for his decision to leave, Beugel said, ‘Because hate speech, the modern digital witch hunt is out of control. Sometimes I am also attacked in the physical environment. I also get a lot of support, but there is also a very strong, hateful, women-oriented, sexist, nationalist aggression. ‘ she had made her assessment.

The news that some EU countries, especially Greece, are pushing refugees back from their borders, have recently been widely covered in many international media.

Witnesses to the violence included numerous violations of law, including Greek border security’s excessive use of force, assault, use of real ammunition, illegal detention and systematic push-backs to Turkey.

Despite all the evidence, news and statements from the authorities, the news about the push-backs continues to come incessantly. The EU, which talks about human rights, prefers to remain silent about Greece’s efforts to push refugees back. Reacting to this silence, the EU Commission does not even want to protect Dutch journalist Beugel.