It’s a great bookstore success: soon 5,000 copies sold, while the average for a comic book is around 1,000 sales – Tintin and Asterix included in the calculation. It is also published on Mediapart. “School case”, the comic strip by Christophe Tardieux, alias Remedium, seems to please.

But not to everyone: while one of the chapters scratches Jean-Michel Blanquer, the Minister of Education, he seized his lawyers to ask Mediapart to redact a box of the work online, which concerns his private life. What was done by the information site.

But what shocks Remedium is that the minister delivered, concomitantly with the action of his lawyer – which the latter formally refutes -, a vibrant speech on… freedom of expression. It was the day after the assassination of Samuel Paty, a history teacher who was killed because he had given a course on this notion, based on caricatures of the prophet Muhammad.

The uncensored version available … in bookstores
In the chapter of his comic book centered on Jean-Michel Blanquer, Remedium, teacher of schools for fifteen years in Seine-Saint-Denis, shoots red balls on the minister. He gives his vision of a man “covered with prestigious diplomas”, according to him without experience of public school, described as a man greedy for “power” with “very liberal” ideas.

But the bubble targeted by the minister – which we find not “redacted” in the entire work published by Editions Equateurs – concerns the latter’s daughter. The author mentions her custody by “black-paid baby-sitters who can only see the suffering of this child growing up without her parents”.

The cartoonist Christophe Tardieux and his book dedicated to teachers, “School case”. LP / TP
Contacted, Edwy Plenel, the boss of Mediapart, refuses to comment on the substance of the subject. But he recalls “the rules” for publication on “Le Club de Mediapart”, this space dedicated to subscribers in which Remedium is published.

School case is part of the contributions of our subscribers that we host on The Mediapart Club : I am not an accountant. But if we receive an injunction from a lawyer on a contribution deemed defamatory, and we leave it online, then I become accountant, as the editor. I must warn the author and remind him of the rules.