Police attack demonstrators at yellow vest protest in France

While yellow vests in France took to the streets across the country to protest the policies of President Emmanuel Macron’s administration in the third year of their demonstration, violent incidents broke out in the action in the capital Paris.

Thousands of yellow vest activists gathered in the square next to the Ministry of Economy in the capital Paris, marched to Victor et Helene Basch Square.

The police prevented the protesters from marching by forming cordons many times during the march. During the action, clashes broke out between the police and the protesters. The police responded with tear gas to the demonstrators who were throwing various substances.

It was also seen that the police beat some protesters with truncheons. The demonstrators set fire to many garbage bins and various items.

Volunteer health workers who took part in the action provided medical attention to many people injured by the pepper spray used by the police.

Activists holding banners against the Macron administration, “We are here for the dignity of workers and a better world, even if Macron does not want it.” chanted slogans like.

Yellow vests under pressure in France

During the demonstration, cartoons about Macron, Paris Police Chief Dider Lallement and US President Joe Biden were hung on the truck.

Two people were detained on the grounds that the cartoons were offensive. In the action in Paris, the police took intense security measures.

In addition to the capital, demonstrations were held in many cities of the country. The leader of the yellow vests, Jerome Rodrigues, said that the protests started as a reaction to the fuel hikes, and that today the fuel prices are 20 percent higher than 3 years ago.

Rodrigues said, “(For 3 years) we are not getting any response to our demands. Nothing but oppression and violence. 3 years (demonstrations) cannot be called failures.

We haven’t won yet.” Stating that people in the country are experiencing economic difficulties, Rodrigues said, “The President gives 100 euros, but we want to get what we work for.

We don’t want money, we want what should be given to us.” used the phrase. It was banned by the Council of State. This is how violence happens. The government and the Police Department want this,” he said.

When did the yellow vest demonstrations start in France?

The actions of the yellow vests, which started as a reaction to the fuel price hikes and bad economic conditions on November 17, 2018, and turned into revolt and anger against the Macron administration, caused social and political crises in the country.

In the demonstrations of the yellow vests, who started the action with the participation of approximately 300 thousand people in the capital Paris, the biggest violence in recent years has been experienced.

The streets of Paris and various cities were the scene of clashes between the police and the activists, and the setting of vehicles and various items on fire.

During the protests, 770 people, including 127 journalists, were injured due to police violence, 5 people’s hands were cut off, 30 people lost their eyes.

During the demonstrations in which 11 people died in total, 4 people lost their lives due to the defense tools used by the police.