Military service is obligatory in Israel. Men are required to serve 3 years in the army while this period is 2.5 years for women. Every year, tens of people is imprisoned for not obeying this obligation.

Two young Israeli women (Hadas Tal, 18 and Tamar Zeevi, 19) who refused to join the Israeli army for the reasons of conscience spoke to the Anadolu Agency. Tal faces jail term and Zeevi already served her sentence of 115 days in prison after refusing to join the Israeli army.

The two women defend that the occupation must stop and an alternative which will provide that Arabs and Jews will coexist in a peaceful and honorable way.

Tal reminded that on the following day of the interview, she would stand on trial. “Israel continues to force millions of people to live under a military dictatorship and it does not intend to stop this. Therefore, I refuse to serve in the army. I believe that it is important to refuse to be complicit of the crimes committed in Gaza and West Bank,” she added.

Tal stated that the Israeli army intentionally recruites teenagers because it is ‘much easier to convince younger people to do their dirty jobs’ in the occupied territories.

Tal emphasised that there is not an increasing demand in the Israeli society for the stop of the occupation in Palestine.

“Because people have already gotten used to this situation. They live in this environment of occupation since fifty years and they can’t even think that there might be an alternative. They think that they protect themselves by continuing to the occupation. For this reason I want to show them there is an alternative and ask it from the government.”