Macron’s hypocrisy!
In Paris, the pickup truck with a cartoon criticizing Macron was stopped. The police, who broke the windows of the vehicle, detained the owner of the pickup truck for “insulting the President”.

A truck covered with a caricature of President Emmanuel Macron was stopped in Paris, the capital of France. French police warned the owner of the van to get out first.

When the driver did not open the door, the police broke the window of the pickup truck and took the owner of the pickup truck out.

The police detained the owner of the pickup truck for “insulting the President”, citing Macron’s caricature.

Macron defended the freedom of expression for cartoons targeting Islam and said, “Anything can be caricatured”. The mask of the arrogant President of France, Emmanuel Macron, who tried to legitimize the insults against Islam and Muslims on the grounds of “freedom of thought”, has fallen.

He drew a caricature of Macron, he was detained

Isn’t drawing a caricature of Macron also freedom of expression?
Hz. When despicable cartoons against the Prophet were published, Macron said that he could not condemn it and declared that “I am always in favor of the freedom to write, think and draw”, and had the person who drew his caricature taken into custody on the charge of “insulting the President”.

The event that exposed Macron’s hypocrisy with all its nakedness It took place in Paris, the capital of Turkey. Macron said, “Anything can be caricatured.”
As it is known, President Macron of France, where mosques were closed one after another and Muslims faced intense pressure, previously argued that cartoons targeting Islam were freedom of expression and said, “Anything can be caricatured.”

French President Macron, who insulted Islam in the name of freedom of thought and expression, filed a lawsuit against Flori at the end of July, after posters depicting himself as the Nazi leader were hung on two billboards measuring 4 meters by 3 meters.

Hz. It’s like that when it’s a caricature of Mohammed, it’s like that when it’s a caricature of Macron!

Removing two articles criticizing his rhetoric towards Muslims, Macron also said that his country is extremely tolerant about freedom of demonstration and press, and said, “We are not Hungary or Turkey. No one can say that we are an authoritarian country.

“There has been no country that defends freedom of expression as much as we do,” he said. A French court also convicted the two men in 2019 for setting fire to Macron’s mascot.

In the country where criticizing the Zionists is considered a crime, 11 people were also found guilty of boycotting Israeli products.

In France, insulting the president was annulled in a 2013 European Court of Human Rights decision. However, this accusation is perceived as an attack on freedom of expression.